Republican Congressman Cancels Hearing About Trump's Ties With Russia

Sean Spicer has also denied the White House tried to stop Yates from testifying. He says the White House has "no problem with her testifying, plain and simple".

"Democrats welcome the opportunity to hear from Comey at any time", she said, "but that can not take the place of an open hearing". In an exchange with Yates's lawyer, Justice Department officials claimed that her work on behalf of the department may be protected by executive privilege, the broad legal protection against the disclosure of internal White House deliberations.

He said that the letters published by the Washington Post actually back up his assertions and added the paper should be "ashamed" of its report. A person familiar with the situation confirmed them as authentic to The Associated Press. He said that a line in that letter said that if the White House didn't respond before the hearing date, Yates would interpret the administration's silence as approval.

The White House said the report was "entirely false" without addressing specific claims that Yates was warned her testimony could include privileged information that would be barred from a public hearing.

Yates, who was sacked in January as acting attorney general after she refused to defend the Trump administration travel ban, was expected to be questioned about her role in the firing of Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Warner said he had seen no evidence the White House was interfering and would complain publicly if he did.

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham stopped short of calling on the chairman, Representative Devin Nunes, to recuse himself but their Democratic counterparts had already done so on Monday.

The chairman of the House intelligence committee investigating Russian activities during the presidential election says he's not going to step down. He dismissed those comments as "a lot of politics". Nunes has done his best to protect the president, but his prevarications can succeed for only so long before the call for an independent commission pays dividends for the American people.

All this means that the White House seemed to really, really not want Yates to talk on the record, which makes sense when you consider that the Post revealed that "Yates and another witness at the planned hearing, former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan, had made clear to government officials by Thursday that their testimony to the committee probably would contradict some statements that White House officials had made".

But Spicer said the White House never invoked executive privilege and said, "I hope she does testify".

CBS News has obtained a March 24th letter from the Justice Department to Sally Yates that says that DOJ lacks the authority to give Yates permission to testify before Congress about links between Russian officials and Mr. Trump's presidential campaign. Jones said. "You can't keep your credibility".

Wyden says it's important for the committee to separate fact from speculation amid reports that several individuals received funds from Russian Federation. Tuesday, the lawmaker said there is not need to recuse himself from the investigative proceedings. On Tuesday, she told CNN that Nunes should go farther.

"I didn't know what to expect when the hearings started, but, take my word for it, they were really, really good", he said.

  • Leroy Wright