Prospects dim for vote on GOP health bill in House

Conservative Republicans said their Thursday meeting with President Trump produced progress but no deal on the repeal bill, and Trump was meeting with moderates who have grown more restive with reports of potential changes to satisfy the conservatives.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) withdrew the party-devised American Health Care Act, dubbed Trumpcare, as representatives were debating it, nixing a vote scheduled for Friday afternoon. "I believe this bill, in its current form, will lead to the loss of coverage and make insurance unaffordable for too many Americans, particularly for low-to-moderate income and older individuals", Dent wrote, encouraging leadership to push back the vote.

It was a stunning defeat for the new president after he had demanded House Republicans delay no longer and vote on the legislation on Friday, pass or fail.

The National Republican Congressional Committee also funneled money into primary challengers against sitting caucus members.

He also predicted the Affordable Care Act would soon implode, forcing Democrats to join the Republicans at the negotiating table. The S&P 500 Index ended fractionally lower, the blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped about 0.3 per cent and the Nasdaq Composite Index rose about 0.2 per cent.

According to the Associated Press, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina) told reporters there was "no deal" following his conservative group's meeting with Trump.

Trump already has been stymied by federal courts that blocked his executive actions barring entry into the United States of people from several Muslim-majority nations.

If Republicans can't agree on repealing and replacing a health care law they loathe, what can they agree on?

The decision came after multiple high-level and tense meetings at the White House and Capitol that failed to broker a compromise.

"With no Democrat support we couldn't quite get there", he told reporters in the Oval Office. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to freely discuss internal discussions.

Idaho's only other House member, Republican Rep. Mike Simpson, had still not decided how to vote on the bill.

Ryan said pulling the bill was "a setback, no two ways about it". "President, we're with you.' I think a lot of them said, 'We're going to go back and think about it.' The meeting didn't conclude by saying, 'Do we have a deal?' That's not why we have it", Spicer said.

Friday's events cast doubt on whether Ryan can get major legislation approved by fractious Republican lawmakers.

"I will not sugarcoat this".

"This is the largest Republican welfare program in the history of the Republican Party", Brooks said.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., called the move "disappointing".

Brooks, who opposes the GOP bill, says there have been no significant changes to the bill that would sway members of the House Freedom Caucus to vote in favor of the plan.

"He's there for three-and-a-half more years", Jones said of Trump.

"You don't cut the balls off a bull and then expect that he can go out and get the job done", Rohrabacher told Reuters. Now Republicans are staring at the possibility of failure at the very moment of truth, an outcome that would be a crushing political defeat for Trump and Hill GOP leaders and would throw prospects for other legislative achievements into extreme uncertainty. "If it loses, we just move on to tax reform".

So Trump met with members of the House Freedom Caucus on Thursday to try and smooth things over while retaining as many votes for the ACHA as possible.

President Donald Trump is urging people to call their lawmakers to express support for the Republican legislation to repeal and replace "Obamacare". Republican tax credits would be based on age, not income. About 20 million Americans gained insurance coverage through the law.

  • Larry Hoffman