President Trump Signs Order Undoing Obama Climate Change Policies

China today called on the USA to honour its commitments to tackle climate change, after President Donald Trump moved to roll back American emissions targets.

California Governor Jerry Brown dubbed the order a "colossal mistake". And Utah Republicans in Congress have praised the Trump administration for backing the fossil fuel industry.

Meanwhile, she doubts this week's energy-regulation rollbacks will do little to bring back coal jobs.

That's thanks to the lower cost of cleaner burning natural gas, the automation of coal mining, and, most importantly, the renewable energy revolution which is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in both wind and solar.

Media captionCan coal make a comeback under Trump?

The Trump administration has not said whether it will pull out of the Paris agreement but yesterday unveiled policies that could move the USA away from meeting internationally agreed emissions targets. Greenhouse gases like Carbon di oxide and methane primarily contribute to climatic change.

He could also ask Congress to revoke the Clean Air Act.

It is now unclear where exactly the U.S. stands in relation to the deal.

The bill further repeals at least six Obama-era executive orders aimed at addressing global warming.

But environmentalists say moves like reversing the Clean Power Plan and ending the coal-leasing moratorium, which was also announced this week, will actually harm people and the economy.

"The president doesn't get to simply rewrite safeguards; they have to. prove the changes are in line with the law and science", Goldston said. He continued saying "They haven't been treated well, but they're going to be treated well now".

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Jeremy Symons, associate vice president at the Environmental Defense Fund, said advocates will work to build support among lawmakers along with the public.

"Trump's move sets a bad precedent".

Trump's executive order ends six of Obama's executive orders that sought to hinder climate change and regulate carbon admissions.

Trump insists the order will benefit American workers, notably coal miners.

"There is a clear risk that the United States might go beyond the delicate balance that the countries agreed in Paris", said Li Shuo, senior climate adviser with environmental group Greenpeace.

Whatever the USA chooses, the EU, India and China say they will stick to their pledges made in Paris.

He made the remarks at a press conference when asked about a decree signed by Donald Trump on Tuesday, which seeks to create jobs in the U.S. at the cost of doing away with the country's commitments to climate change.

  • Leroy Wright