President Donald Trump Makes Auto Industry Announcement In Ypsilanti Township

California Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon blasted Trump's decision in a press release Wednesday, calling it "a cynical ploy by the Trump administration and auto manufacturers to roll back vehicle pollution standards".

EPAOn its way out the door in January, the Obama administration rushed to lock in the Environmental Protection Agency's Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) standards at 54.5 miles per gallon for light duty vehicles by 2025.

Auto executives who met with Trump briefly in private before the president spoke publicly at a former bomber factory outside Detroit here said they are only looking for more reasonable regulations that recognize today's market realities. "We are going to restore the originally scheduled midterm review, and we are going to ensure that any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs". "We're going to be the auto capital of the world again".

"What it's going to do is, it's going to throw the auto industry into chaos", Roland Hwang, the Natural Resources Defense Council's director of energy and transportation, tells Sonari, "because to unwind these standards will be a years-long battle in the courts".

President Donald Trump has arrived in MI, where he is expected to announce a new review of federal auto fuel-economy and emissions rules Wednesday afternoon.

California was involved because it is allowed to set its own standard - for emissions, not mileage, but one is a proxy for the other - under an anti-smog waiver granted by Congress in 1970.

"There is a question in here about whether these regulations were 'final-final.' But the White House wants to review them in 2018, and so do the automakers".

Trump will announce that he's putting that midterm review back on track, so that officials can spend another year studying the issue before setting new standards in 2018.

Newton described that process as already in the works.

The Obama administration estimated that the rules would cost auto manufacturers in the United States $33bn. New York State has joined California in the motion. The group's request came last month, after the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator.

We'll have complete coverage of the president's visit to Wayne County later today on ABC12 News. "Once again, you've put the interests of big oil ahead of clean air and politics ahead of science", California Gov.

In Nashville, Trump will be given a private tour of Jackson's home, according to Howard Kittell, president and CEO of the Hermitage mansion. The rules were affirmed in the waning days of the Obama administration as part of a broader effort to control greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Sixteen states, including OR, have signed on to the California standard. Automobile CEOs may well be concerned about the environment, but their chief aim is to make a profit and they must deliver to their shareholders if they want to keep their jobs. The review process is expected to take more than a year. "For us, there's no turning back in the fight against pollution". "We will work with our partners at DOT to take a fresh look to determine if this approach is realistic". "Our policies have helped deploy more efficient cars and new technologies, saving consumers billions of dollars in fuel costs and more in adverse health and environmental impacts".

  • Zachary Reyes