Power Rangers Producer Maps Out Movie's Journey & Future

The films feel oppressive not for their stupidity but for their seriousness, and it takes the gung-ho chintziness of Power Rangers to throw those qualities into sharp relief.

The character originally started out as an evil sidekick for Rita Repulsa (played here by Elizabeth Banks), but over the course of the TV show's first season, ditched his evil ways and became the White Ranger.

"Power Rangers" opens March 24 in theaters. Power Rangers will be enjoyed by die-hard fans and casual moviegoers alike.

But will Israelite be directing any of these potential future films? Looking at other movies out now, it is clear that the special effects are incredible and even mind blowing at times. The new Power Rangers movie - just like Beauty and the Beast this month - is facing criticism from some Power Ranger fans for featuring quite a few gay moments.

At one point of the Power Rangers movie, the Black Ranger Zack, played by Ludi Lin, asks Trini if she's having any "boyfriend problems" in her life. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Power Rangers cost a little over $100 million to make and looks about half as expensive, unless catering services were provided by Eric Ripert.

LGBT representation throughout superhero films somewhat trailed comic books, where the heroes as well as villains like Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Batwoman, in addition to Ice Man, may be some of the high-profile LGBT characters. "We just haven't had the time to really sit down and talk about the full six, but there's no doubt there is enough material for it, absolutely no doubt that the franchise could be that big".

The fact that these Power Rangers seem more interesting when they're not Power Rangers is problematic if the franchise is to carry on. When we first meet the rangers, as mentioned previously, they're just average teenagers who are each going through their own personal struggles and, by chance, they meet and join forces. "I think what's really cool about her is that she is independent due to her circumstances".

  • Salvatore Jensen