Latest Battlefield 1 Feature Allows Players To Share Premium Experience

When it rolls out, a party member that owns the Premium Pass will elevate the party to "Premium Enabled" status, essentially granting the entire group access to every map in the game.

The Premium Friends system will also get a test run during the upcoming Battlefest starting tomorrow, March 30th, and the following feedback will allow the team to further tweak the experience. The restrictions are a bit disheartening for anyone dedicated to the XP grind, but they seem like a fair tradeoff for getting more players into new content.

Given that Battlefield 1's first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, was only just released in full this week, the timing couldn't be better.

Called "premium friends", the scheme will enable premium pass owners to invite others to a premium-enabled party, in which all players will be able to play on all maps, regardless of whether or not they own them. As you'd expect, however, there are some big caveats for the non-Premium Pass holders in this deal.

EA and DICE have announced "Premium Friends" for Battlefield 1, allowing the friends of Premium Pass owners to play on all new maps without having to fork out for a Premium Pass of their own.

However, if you don't own the maps you won't be able to earn any XP on them, or get their unique medals or codexes. And for DICE and EA, Premium Friends serves as a way to expose more players to premium content and potentially net a few more Pass purchases as a result.

Additionally, any weapons or vehicles added in a given expansion will only be available to those who own the Premium Pass or that expansion. Earned XP will be granted to players retroactively should they choose to purchase the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or expansion content at a later date.

  • Arturo Norris