Indonesia stops meat imports from Brazil

The CFS will continue to enhance surveillance on meat and poultry meat imported from Brazil and closely monitor the case. While two of the investigated meatpacking plants closed, laying off hundreds of workers, Brazil's government calculates years until the country is able to regain worldwide market shares.

Brazil President Michel Temer (Mee'-shell Tuh-mehr') called the recent scandal around Brazil's sale of expired meats to other countries an "economic embarrassment" on Tuesday while more countries suspended meat imports from his nation.

Authorities are conducting tests on Brazilian beef sold in the local market following allegations that Brazilian meat exporters have been selling rotten meat with falsified certificates, according to an official.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Meat Traders Association chairman Asnawi demanded the government permanently ban the import of meat from Brazil.

Brazil's meatpacking industry lose upward of 10 per cent of its global market share, Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said on Wednesday.

Regarding these companies, the IACM has already notified food establishments, wholesale importers and retail establishments to remove any detected products by the mentioned companies from the market.

One of the 21 factories was the source of some 8,900 tons of the imported chicken.

The kingdom's Food & Drug Authority stopped imports of beef, poultry and products from four plants operated by BRF SA, Seara Alimentos Ltda, JJZ Alimentos SA and Frango DM Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

They joined the European Union, China and Chile, dealing a major blow to the struggling economy of a country that is among the world's largest exporters of meat.

Hong Kong banned imports of frozen meat and poultry from Brazil.

The Brazilian government has barred the export of meat from 21 plants being investigated.

"We hope responsible departments in both countries can further collaborate to prevent and deal with possible issues in the meat trade", Sun said.

Furthermore, the department and MAQIS will step up monitoring by collecting samples from each consignment from Brazil and send them to the department's lab. "It felt like we might be stigmatized if we didn't follow the suit", he said.

  • Joanne Flowers