Giant shark found in road after cyclone hits Australia

Qld Fire and Emergency in Australia are warning people to stay out of the water after a bull shark washed up on a road from Cyclone Debbie.

On Tuesday, Debbie battered the coast of Australia with winds up to 160mph - bringing down trees and leaving a trail of destruction. Stay out of floodwater'.

Residents are emerging from their homes to profound damage to their properties and businesses.

Emergency services tweeted a pic of a bullshark washed up in Ayr to warn locals against entering the floodwater.

Locals in the north Queensland region of Burdekin might have escaped the brunt of Cyclone Debbie.

There are already fears for the survival of corals in the central and northern areas of the World Heritage-listed marine ecosystem that stretches 2,300 kilometres (around 1,430 miles) off the Queensland state coast, after two consecutive years of mass bleaching from warming sea temperatures.

"So it nearly turns what you would think about a coral reef into this unusual wasteland underwater".

Queensland's cyclone emergency is far from over as a rescue operation continues near Mackay and the state's southeast faces flash flooding, the premier says. This video shows flooded roads in Toowong, Brisbane.

Authorities said water ran low on Daydream Island after the storm cut off mains supply and bottled supplies dwindled. In the mining town of Collinsville, residents said the storm was emotionally draining, with winds raging for hours as they cowered inside.

"Nature flings its worst at Australians and it's certainly happened here in the Whitsunday region, but it brings out the best [in people]", Turnbull told reporters.

Hundreds of hectares of sugarcane crops had been flattened and Wilmar said its sugar mills were stilled at Proserpine and Sarina.

The NSW coast is in for its share of wild weather as an arriving cold front meets the remnant tropical low from Cyclone Debbie.

  • Zachary Reyes