From Software President Claims Dark Souls Is Done For Now

With the release of The Ringed City, the third and final piece of Dark Souls 3 DLC, game director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and his team will move onto other projects.

If you have been a long-standing fan of the Dark Souls Series, you might be disappointed to hear that the beloved, hardcore dungeon crawler series, has sadly come to an end. What made the Dark Souls Series popular is the insane difficulty which makes it very tough to complete the game.

For now, Dark Souls III: The Ringed City will be the last we see of the series and it's available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. At least for now we don't have any future plans for it.

If you want to play it for yourself, however, and figure out what you think for yourself, then you will first have to access it.

Although the Dark Souls series will remain a trilogy for the time being, Miyazaki expressed that he doesn't believe that he managed to implement all he had envisioned to be in the Souls games, which echoes previous sentiments of his wherein he apologized for "incomplete aspects" in Dark Souls 3.

Currently, the development team is working on several other titles, though it's not stated if any of them will have the same feel and vibe as to the past Dark Souls franchise.

From Miyazaki: Currently working on a number of games that should be interesting.

This revelation comes from an upcoming interview between Miyazaki and the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which was covered by Japanese blog Esuteru, and translated by the Twitter user known as BlackKite. While spoiled with an abundance of games in the series, fans shouldn't be awaiting Dark Souls 4 as the creator says that they "don't have any future plans for it". The Ringed City DLC is the final expansion and it caps off a nerve-wrecking RPG experience.

  • Arturo Norris