'Erratic' woman drives into US Capitol cruiser

The woman, who was not shot, was later taken into custody. Gunshots were fired by law enforcement on the auto at two separate locations, the second resulting in Carey's death.

- Serena Marshall (@SerenaMarsh) March 29, 2017Sounded like shots fired at the Capitol.

Instead, the area was cleared out save for a few police officers with long guns, a news photographer crouched beneath one framing a shot.

Cramer told The Hill that he heard the shots fired. The incident occurred at the 100 block of Independence Avenue SW, near the Botanic Garden.

"The U.S. Capitol Police and the House Sergeant at Arms are aware of and are monitoring the situation".

Operations inside the white-domed Capitol appeared normal however.

The suspect was previously known to police, since he had been arrested for disrupting House of Representatives proceedings and yelling he was a 'Prophet of God'.

No hazardous material was found inside the backpack, and a subsequent search of the complex grounds resulted in "nothing of concern to security operations", the Secret Service said. She also said there is "no sense of motive".

On March 19, a driver reportedly pulled up to the White House and claimed to have a bomb in the vehicle early Sunday.

"No, I am a friend of the President".

Police identified the woman as Taleah Everett, 20, who was held on seven counts of assault of a police officer and two counts of destruction of property, among other charges.

"I asked our driver, 'What's going on?' Yanta recalled".

The scare prompted the closure of several roads surrounding Capitol Hill.

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  • Leroy Wright