Erdogan says Olympic Committee playing 'tricks' on Turkey

Also Wednesday, a group of Turkish officers based in Norway who had refused to return to Turkey after the failed coup attempt have been granted political asylum in the Scandinavian country, said their lawyer, Kjell M. Brygfjeld.

"Enough! Mr Erdogan and his government are not wanted in our country and they must understand this", stated Bouffier on DLF radio. "Someone who insults us in this way can not expect us to gather thousands of policemen in order to guarantee his security".

Such comments were "breaking every taboo, without consideration for the suffering of those who were persecuted and murdered" by the Nazis, she said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded again on Monday that Turkey stop comparing bans on rallies by Turkish officials to Nazi tactics, and said her government reserved the right to block future appearances by ministers unless Ankara complied with German law.

"If that happens, and there are violations of our laws, then will have to ... revoke the note" and approvals of various visits, Gabriel told reporters after a meeting with EU Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans.

"My comment that the Nazi comparisons on Turkey's part must end is valid without ifs or buts", Merkel said at a joint press conference with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Hannover. Germany dismissed Erdogan's claims as absurd. "However, what we don't want is that the call disrupts the local community", Aboutaleb said.

On Tuesday, Erdogan repeated his criticism of Germany and other European countries, saying today's "fascist and cruel" Europe resembled the pre-World War Two era.

Relations between Germany and Turkey, a candidate for European Union membership, have deteriorated significantly in the previous year, especially since a failed coup attempt in Turkey in July.

"The European Union process, the readmission agreement, this and that, from now on, you can't threaten us with these anymore". "Let's first switch to the new system on April 16, then there will be a very different Turkey rising". There is increasing concern among European nations about what they view as an accelerating slide toward authoritarian practices under Erdogan.

The German government has rejected 11 export requests from Turkey for small arms, munitions and components since November 2016 due to concerns they could be used for "internal repression" or in Turkey's conflict with its Kurdish population, according to answers provided by the economics ministry in response to a query from a left-wing lawmaker. The worse the crisis with Europe gets, the more threats Turkey makes about binning the accord.

  • Julie Sanders