Envoy vows Brexit will not change British role at UN

Together, I know we are capable of reaching an agreement about the UK's rights and obligations as a departing member state, while establishing a deep and special partnership that contributes towards the prosperity, security and global power of our continent. Leaving the European Union won't be a simple affair: While business and travel concerns often get the most attention, Britain's government will also have to figure out how it will incorporate the thousands of laws and rules that the European Union has approved over the years.

May also called for negotiations on the exit and on future trade ties to be worked out "alongside" each other, although the European Union has said the new trading relationship should only be discussed after Brexit is agreed.

Those things have become part of life since the United Kingdom joined what was then called the European Economic Community in 1973.

The prime minister's letter triggers Article 50, the exit clause in the European Union constitution.

The European Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, said the EU must take on board the interests of the 27 remaining member states, including the Republic. They'll meet April 29 to finalise their platform.

ONE OF THE KEY PARTS of Tory leader Theresa May's Brexit plans has been rejected out of hand by the Chancellor of Germany and the leadership of the European Parliament.

The first area of conflict will probably be money.

The European Parliament may grant British people living and working overseas the same rights and advantages they enjoy as EU citizens, regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

May also said that she accepts Brexit will carry consequences for the UK.

"The EU is a unique historic success story, it remains so after Britain's exit", she said.

Britain is Canada's fourth-biggest trading partner, but would be excluded from a Canada-EU trade pact once it leaves the EU in two years - a deadline prompted when British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered formal divorce proceedings. Unless both sides agree to extend the deadline for talks, Britain will leave in March 2019.

Brexit has serious implications for Britain's economy, society and even unity.

After the United Kingdom closes the door on the EU, there will be 27 members left in the union.

Tusk's briefing was followed by a joint statement by European Union leaders. As a result of immigration being one of the concerns of those who voted to leave, Britain would prioritise ending freedom of movement, rather than retaining membership of the single market and the customs union, which provides for the tariff free movement of goods and services within the union.

  • Salvatore Jensen