Child Abuse and Neglect prevention to be discussed Tuesday

Child abuse and neglect is not limited to one neighborhood, or social-economic class. "But when they're there, they know they're loved, and they know that we're going to take care of them and they know that we're there if they need us".something she hopes more area children will realize after this event.

The Pinwheels for Prevention campaign says the pinwheel is associated with "whimsy and childlike notions", which serve as a reminder "of the healthy starts all children deserve". The following year, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed April to be the first national Child Abuse Prevention Month, a tradition that continues to this day. "Researchers estimate that one third of kids who are abused will grow up to abuse their children".

"The fabric of our community is fractured at different levels, but these initiatives are created to give people an opportunity to truly do something about it", he said.

More than 70,000 children in Kentucky previous year were reported as being victims or in need of services. The statistics of abuse in Kentucky show almost eight children are abused every hour.

Cox says, "The goal of this award is to really recognize the people who are working at the local, community level on a daily basis, working to change and improve the lives of our children and families". "The event is a celebration of what we're doing in the community and what we can add". The pinwheels are a symbol of child abuse.

In Midland County on Tuesday, the sheriff and other community members planted a garden of blue pinwheels.

"The conference has had sell-out registration the past three years and we expect that again this year", Cox says. "If we stand together and pay attention to what's going on in families and people around us, we can become part of the solution".

  • Leroy Wright