Bush reportedly used colorful language to describe Trump's inauguration

Bush apparently gave a brief but poignant assessment of President Trump's inauguration speech as he was leaving the Capitol on January 20, according to a report.

While America was watching Trump's inauguration wondering "what the f*ck", the 43rd president of the United States was wondering the same thing. He gave the same reason for attending that Bill and Hillary Clinton did: to honor the peaceful transfer of power.

Bush has not made any public comment on the ceremony and has largely stayed silent about the new administration.

One of the lines of Trump's speech alluded to Bush's legacy of acting in the Middle East.

NY magazine, citing three sources who were present during the ceremony, reports that 43 had a completely candid reaction to the proceedings as he exited the dais.

His portraits of Vladimir Putin, the Dalai Lama and former President George H.W. Bush are on display at his presidential library in Dallas.

A spokesman for the Bush family reportedly declined to comment.

Bush has a memorable tussle with his rain poncho during the rainy event.


  • Carolyn Briggs