Becky G Dishes on the Major Girl Power Messages in 'Power Rangers'

Go go Power Rangers! Apart from being more inclusive in representation, it seems that the producers are considering just how sophisticated the new generation of viewers are.

Power Rangers cost a little over $100 million to make and looks about half as expensive, unless catering services were provided by Eric Ripert.

Power Rangers director Dean Israelite confirmed the plan for five more films in the franchise.

For an origin story, we get stitched-together remnants of better movies ("Breakfast Club", "Spiderman", "127 Hours", "Breakfast Club" again) and warmed over teen angst.

He continues: "If this film is as successful as I hope on March 24, on March 25 we'll have the first story meeting for Movie No. 2".

Becky G is taking the world by storm in the new Power Rangers movie as the Yellow Ranger Trini. Numerous actors have kept themselves busy over the years, but they haven't appeared as an entire unit for quite some time.

We're then shown an empty hallway - and an explosion. Who do you think should step into the role? "I think what's really cool about her is that she is independent due to her circumstances". The movie promises the same fun, colorful action that were the hallmarks of the popular original series over 20 years ago, and the new film also includes references galore to the franchise's glory days; including new versions of many popular characters.

Becky G. who plays the yellow power ranger says she wouldn't have been able to do the film without the support of her other four co-stars. It's a small detail that wound up becoming central to the character and took on a life beyond a simple acting choice, as audiences will see when the film hits theaters. The dialogue is downright bad, the characters' backstory is crammed down our throats, the rag-tag, shakey camera angles are horrific at times, and the movie takes a good 45 plus minutes to settle into something that resembles the POWER RANGERS.

The ringers in the supporting cast make the strongest impression, from Bill Hader's voicework as go-getting alien android called Alpha 5 to Banks' full-on camp as Rita, which is like a sour twist on her glammed-up Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games series.

  • Julie Sanders