Android O video details what's coming for devs and users

Also available in Nougat is a feature that protects Android users against clickjacking, which is a type of attack where users are tricked into granting apps permissions to do certain things on their devices that they never meant to grant.

"Using improved tools and the knowledge we gained in 2016, we think we can reduce the number of devices affected by PHAs [potentially harmful apps] in 2017, no matter where people get their apps", security team members Adrian Ludwig and Mel Miller wrote in a post on the Android Developers Blog. As we said, Google has extended more power to the users this time in every category; users now have the authority to block, change importance, vibration, lights, and lock screen privacy on their Android device with Android O.

If even flagship Android devices are not getting timely updates in markets like South Africa, what hope is there for people with low-priced and mid-range devices?

Android O will support greater font control in XML layouts, including changes to style and weight, and will also introduce improvements in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Burke noted. The publication even started to call it as Android 8.0 Oreo, but again that isn't really final until Google says it is.

Background Execution Limits are also obvious. It's been overhauled and the first thing you'll notice is the Suggestions dropdown, giving you quick access to what Google nthinks you want to do next with your phone.

It's annoying having to re-enter your details across different apps and services, isn't it? If you use a password manager app, you'll be able to choose this to populate passwords across apps. "This group includes smartphone owners who ... users, only update their phone's apps and operating system when it's convenient for them to do so", Pew states. In Android O you can choose to adjust the location of the navigation - left-leaning or right-leaning.

Y! Mobile's website also states that there is going to be some sort of a change in the power menu, though as of now we do not know what change this is. As for the Notification Channel, it is allowed because such provides a fine-grained control. The Internet giant has recently uncovered that it is putting a major emphasis on enhancing battery life and the device-interactive performance with Android O. The customers and developers are hoping to name the refreshed form as Android Oreo. You see in the Nougat version, Android prevented apps from receiving three implicit broadcasts like the photo broadcast from manifest-declared BroadcastReceivers.

  • Arturo Norris