Adele thrilled as fan proposes on stage

Earlier in the show, Adele had described her concert as "basically just two hours of crying and songs about my ex-boyfriend", the Daily Mail reported.

On Sunday, she won fans over by admonishing a security official who was asking concert-goers to sit down.

"Excuse me, sir! I know you're working but can you stop telling people to sit down?" comments Adele.

"If you don't like dancing, don't come to a f--ing music show". The "Rolling in the Deep" songstress reminded the man in uniform to not come to a musical show if he doesn't like dancing.

Before the start of the concert, many fans tweeted their excitement with posts reading: 'Just saw Adele's box!' and 'OMG Adele just rolled in a black box!'

Watch it all go down below... She will now depart Australia for a show in Auckland.

"I actually had no idea that was going to happen!" the singer exclaimed.

He and his partner, Wade, were brought up on stage and, to Adele's surprise, Wade got down on one knee and proposed.

"Thank you for coming to the show, I hope you enjoy it", she said.

According to E!Online, several proposals took place during her 2016 concerts. Did you hear about how she helped a gay coupled get engaged in the country where same-sex marriage is banned?

The singer is now touring in Melbourne, Australia and is making headlines after she invited a man on stage, in front of 77,000 people, so he could propose to his boyfriend, the BBC reports. A proposal for a vote on the issue was blocked in parliament a year ago. "So that was unplanned, I had no idea", Adele excitedly exclaimed after the sweet moment.

Adele spoke with honesty of the scarcity of her live performances.

  • Julie Sanders