US sanctuary cities weigh response to Trump's threat to curb funding

Citing criminal acts by several illegal immigrants, Sessions said sanctuary city policies "violates federal law".

Sessions did not detail what specific factors would trigger the government to deny or strip a city of money, only that it would take "all lawful steps to claw-back" funds already awarded to cities deemed to be out of compliance.

The law "prohibits restrictions on sharing information regarding citizenship or immigration status", and Trenary's office "does not have any policies that prohibit or otherwise restrict sharing this information", Ireton said. This policy is entirely consistent with the Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs guidance that was issued just last summer under the previous Administration.

Not only do these policies endanger the lives of every American; just last May, the Department of Justice Inspector General found that these policies also violate federal law. That law regulates communications between agencies and the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"The American people are justifiably angry", Sessions said at a press conference. Police notified ICE about the release in the face of an ICE detainer.

California's De Leon is backing a bill that would essentially make all of the most populous USA state a sanctuary, but he does not now have the votes to pass it.

In his prepared remarks, Hodgson calls illegal immigration "the most unsafe issue facing legal residents of the United States".

Many mayors, despite Trump's order, have said they intend to stand firm against the administration.

The message is a furtherance of Trump's campaign promise to "defund" sanctuary cities by taking away their federal funding.

Cities and states such as California, Washington and Maryland, among others, have adopted sanctuary legislation that includes provisions restricting the use of ICE detainers, except in cases concerning especially egregious felonies and violent crimes. "Our men and women of law enforcement should get all the help possible to defend us from any potential terrorist attack". "What we won't do is do anything unlawful or unconstitutional", Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said.

It should be needless to say that threatening to withhold public safety funding in an effort to force local jurisdictions to ignore the Constitution - as Sessions did on Monday - is unconscionable and must not be tolerated. "We're a welcoming community".

Abbott wants to sign into law a bill cracking down on "sanctuary cities".

"The city's responsibility is to provide services to all residents, enforce local laws and build strong community partnerships", Metz said amid concern over increased immigration enforcement.

Tuesday's meeting in NY marked the second straight day of brainstorming on the immigration issue by leaders of some of America's biggest urban centers.

But sanctuary cities now risk losing federal dollars for that decision.

The federal government made its stance clear on Monday, however: fall in line.

According to Sessions, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recorded more than 200 refusals for detainer requests in the past week. Syracuse University's TRAC tool shows that through February of 2017 alone, 80 people have left Colorado voluntarily after investigation and 334 people have been removed from the state by immigration authorities.

He criticized those jurisdictions for refusing to cooperate, saying the people ICE was targeting were convicted of crimes such as drug trafficking, hit-and-run, sex offenses against a minor, rape and murder.

  • Leroy Wright