Trump to name Christie to head panel on opioid addiction

Kelly and Baroni are seeking probation when they are sentenced on Wednesday. He served as the star witness at the trial and described to jurors how he had come up with the idea for the scheme and how he had been helped by Kelly and Baroni.

Kelly and Baroni were each convicted on seven charges including conspiracy, wire fraud, civil rights offenses and misapplying the property of the Port Authority.

Kelly and Baroni both have maintained their innocence, saying they were misled into thinking that lane shutdown was part of a legitimate traffic study. Christie, a Republican, wasn't charged with any wrongdoing.

The governor had been running for re-election when the shutdown occurred in September 2013, but the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee earned Christie's wrath for refusing to give an endorsement.

Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni filed briefs Monday in advance of their sentencing Wednesday.

Kelly's sentencing documents reiterated claims made at trial that she was scapegoated by Gov. Christie.

The government argued jurors only had to believe Baroni and Kelly conspired to misapply the property of the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey - the bridge - and not the reason they did it.

Christie has said he plans to spend much of his previous year in office combating drug addiction in New Jersey.

Most of the state's debt, however, is appropriation backed, meaning lawmakers must set aside funds for debt service payments every year.

"From the start, punishment of Mayor Sokolich has been the cornerstone of the government's case", wrote Kelly's attorney Michael Critchley in a filing.

William "Bill" Baroni, former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey after he was found guilty in the Bridgegate trial.


Christie was a strong supporter of Trump after dropping his own presidential bid past year.

They also pointed to Baroni's work for years, while he was a state assemblyman and a state senator, helping the Federal Bureau of Investigation "in successfully prosecuting cases" in New Jersey.

"Six months ago Governor Christie and I decided this election was much bigger than any differences we may have had in the past, and we worked very well together", Kushner told Forbes last November.

  • Joanne Flowers