Tillerson lauds China-US contacts in meeting with leader Xi

Indeed, in the wake of the joint appearance in Beijing, the State Department said that Tillerson and Xi "agreed there are opportunities for greater cooperation between China and the United States, but acknowledged there are and will be in the future, differences between the two countries".

Then during a news conference in Seoul, the secretary of state declared an end of the USA policy of "strategic patience" toward the East Asian country.

Tillerson, who was in Tokyo on Thursday, said many efforts undertaken over the past few decades to stop North Korea's nuclear development had failed.

"President Trump places a very high value on the communications that have already occurred between yourself and President Trump, where there were very good exchanges to improve the understanding of China's view of the relationship with the United States, and President Trump's view, as well".

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"China has a fear of instability if the North Korean government collapses".

Tillerson said that his goal of the visit to Korea, Japan and China was to understand the positions of the parties before designing policy.

The 24-hour tour by Tillerson, who had also visited Japan and South Korea earlier in the week, took place against a backdrop of continuing volatility surrounding North Korea, which announced that it had performed a test of a high-thrust rocket engine that could become a component of an inter-continental ballistic missile capable of reaching United States shores.

The missile engine created the "perfect test" of the red line drawn by Tillerson in Seoul, said Evans J.R. Revere, a former principal deputy assistant secretary of state, specializing in North Korea.

He expressed great appreciation for his exchanges with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Senior Councilor Yang Jiechi. On Friday, he signaled a tougher strategy that left open the possibility of pre-emptive military action. "We have sat on the sidelines to a large degree since the years of the Clinton administration, watching this rogue regime develop a fairly robust ballistic missile capability".

Yet the Global Times, often a more belligerence state-run counterpart to Xinhua, lauds Tillerson merely a day later as a "moderate".

"North Korea is behaving badly". Due to China's economic support, "strategic patience" never resulted in an end to the illegal North Korean nuclear program. -South Korea military drills.

"Tillerson and the president are playing it exactly right".

Tillerson was also in Beijing to iron out the details of a tentative summit between Presidents Trump and Xi in Florida in April.

The U.S. has limited leverage with China, the country holding the second-most U.S. debt after Japan. Tillerson also conveyed that President Trump is anticipating that the two will soon be able to meet face-to-face for discussions that will chart the course for future U.S. Xi also invited Trump to visit China, it added.

China expects the United States to solidify its affirmation of the "One China" policy, despite Trump's verbal recommitment to Xi on a telephone conversation in early February.

  • Leroy Wright