Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year

If you don't yet suffer from arachnophobia - an abnormal fear of spiders, try this on for size! Maybe having them around the house isn't such a bad thing after all - unless, of course, they start munching on you.

Oh, and you can not escape spiders.

The petition now has over 200 supporters, and if you're interested, you can find more at the above link. Sleep well? Good, because after you read this, you won't.

There may be a lot of spiders out there, but there are even more bugs.

We stumbled across this info in a Washington Post article by Christopher Ingraham in which the author noted "spiders could eat all of us and still be hungry".

Scientists Klaus Birkhofer and Martin Nyffeler did research on how much food the world's spider population consumes in one year and published their findings in this month's Science of Nature journal.

"The estimated standing biomass of the global spider community is impressive", they wrote.

In fact, the study showed that if you placed the population of spiders in the world together, they would weigh around 25 million tons.

The Washington Post declared today that "spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year".

In light of this biologists Martin Nyffeler and Klaus Birkhofer made a decision to work out how much all spiders eat in a year, publishing their findings in the Science of Nature journal, according to The Washington Post.

Now, let's take all this new skin-crawling info we've trudged through and kick it up one more notch, shall we?

Or, for a slightly more disturbing comparison, the total biomass of all adult humans on earth is estimated to be 287 million tonnes. Even if tossed on another 70 million-ish tons to equal the weight of all human children, it still does not equal to the total amount of meat eaten by spiders in any given year. To that end, John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats has set up a petition asking Senator Al Franken to "give spiders all the help they need to eat every human on Earth within one year". It\u0027s basically a complete certainty that many, many spiders will be joining you.

"We hope that these estimates and their significant magnitude raise public awareness and increase the level of appreciation for the important global role of spiders in terrestrial food webs".

  • Larry Hoffman