Spider-Man's Venom spinoff to be rated R

In the years since Sony snatched up the Spider-Man rights, Marvel founded their own film studio and created a massively successful shared universe.

Then the company attempted a reboot with Andrew Garfield taking over the role in The Amazing Spider-Man.

According to casting website MyEntertainmentWorld (as spotted by Screen Rant), the shoot begins pretty soon, but that fits with the movie's scheduled release date of October 5, 2018.

What do you think of the Silver Sable/Black Cat Team-Up movie?

Their sources indicate that Venom is actually going to be the start of a new, completely separate movie universe for Sony. But as of now, for anyone who wanted to see Sony's new Venom clash with Marvel's new Spider-Man, I'd like to formally apologize. The twist: These movies will be R-rated. And can it launch successfully with characters, like Venom and Black Cat, that are not well-known to the general public and not even necessarily heroes? But would you welcome a third Marvel series of movies, based mainly on Spidey's rogues gallery, or is that going a universe too far?

But Homecoming director Jon Watts says that Venom is not connected to his feature. Of course, these connections seem to be moot as Sony seems set on spinning off these characters without a connection to the current MCU Spider-Man, Tom Holland. After a disappointing reception for Amazing Spider-Man 2, though, Sony went crawling back to Marvel. There is also the issue of how this works if Kevin Feige and Co. want to bring Venom or one of these other characters into the MCU. So what other movies does Sony have in the hopper besides the Venom movie? The first was with Tobey Maguire as the titular web-slinger in Spider-Man and its two sequels.

More recently we also heard that another one of those old plans, which at the time had just been known as "Secret Female Spin-off Project" was also finally coming to life in the form of a movie focusing on female Spider-Man villains Black Cat and Sable. Before Sony made their deal with Marvel Studios, there was also talk of a Sinister Six movie and, as ridiculous as it sounds, an Aunt May solo movie.

  • Salvatore Jensen