Sheriff Hodgson: Feds should arrest sanctuary city mayors

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A MA sheriff who recommended that mayors of so-called sanctuary cities be arrested is also criticizing a state lawmaker who posted a warning about an unverified immigration raid.

He will tell members of Congress on Tuesday that be believes the leaders of sanctuary communities are violating their oaths and obstructing federal law enforcement.

Several cities in MA consider themselves "sanctuary cities", because they don't fully cooperate with federal officers, who are looking for illegal immigrants, or ask about immigration status.

"This is the most outrageous, outrageous thing of what I think, example of what is going on across the United States", he said. In February, the community celebrated its status as a safe place for families who have immigrated to the United States.

While he did not name the elected official, we were able to trace the Facebook post to Plymouth County's Rep. Michelle DuBois, who also included a phone number for those in need of immigration help in her message.

She also posted what appeared to be advice from her friend for undocumented immigrants, recommending they avoid going out on the street and not answer the door for anyone they don't know.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, whose city considers itself a sanctuary city, blasted Hodgson on Twitter.

"Those that do so and obstruct federal law enforcement should be arrested and charged", Hodgson said.

President Trump has said refusing to cooperate with immigration enforcement, is a violation of federal law, but others argue there's no law that requires local police departments to do so.

  • Leroy Wright