Settler leader: Population growth is end of 2-state solution

Speaking at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference for the first time as President Donald Trump's United Nations envoy, Nikki Haley called a December resolution criticizing Israeli settlement construction-allowed to pass by the Obama's administration's abstention-as a "kick in the gut" to Americans. As Pence said Sunday, that unequivocal promise has morphed into Trump now "giving serious consideration to moving the American embassy".

Vice President Mike Pence said he and Trump "stand without apology for Israel and we always will". But he briefly reiterated that the Israeli policy is to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and to counter its aggression in the region.

"I wear heels. It's not for a fashion statement". Instead, she said, it had acted on its words by blocking the appointment of a Palestinian to a senior post, and getting the secretary-general to pull a report accusing Israel of "apartheid".

The US ambassador to the United Nations has vowed never to allow Israel-bashing at the world body. AIPAC has rarely if ever pronounced on any US government's policy not having to do with Israel or its interests.

Another issue central to the conflict - settlements - remains a work in progress for Israel and Trump.

"We're aggressive. We're stubborn", she said to the crowd, earning thunderous applause.

While Congress passed a law to move the embassy in 1995, Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama all signed waivers to suspend it.

"How can we have a sustained Jewish community in this country and a democratic Jewish community in Israel" as long as an occupation persists said Jeremy Zelinger, one of the protesters. Right-wing Republicans say divisions between Israel and the United States under the Obama administration were so profound and have so infected Democrats that Israel's best path forward now is in an alliance with Republicans.

Back in February, Haley noted that USA doesn't recognize a Palestinian state "or support the signal" that Fayyad's appointment would have sent within the United Nations.

But Pelosi took it a step further, taking out her phone to read out loud a letter sent last week asking Trump to reaffirm USA support for two states, emphasizing twice that the vast majority - 189 of its 191 signatories - were Democrats.

In 2011, UNESCO voted to admit Palestine as a full member, noting that the decision had been made as "a mark of respect and confidence". -Israeli talks ended last Thursday without agreement.

"Other speakers, such as candidate Ted Cruz (R-Texas), also used the moment past year to point out the tense relationship with Israel under the Obama administration", Strong added.

"The main focus of this year's lobbying efforts is to urge lawmakers to pass legislation to strengthen sanctions on Iran's non-nuclear activities", CBN News reported.

  • Salvatore Jensen