Rihanna's Marion Crane Finally Has Her Shower Scene In 'Bates Motel'

In case you missed it, Rihanna did have a shower scene in last night's Bates Motel, shot very similarly to the famous Psycho scene where Marion Crane is brutally murdered.

Rihanna recreates the Psycho shower scene. When she pulls into the parking lot, motel owner Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) greets his handsome guest and makes her a ham sandwich while she waits for her adulterous lover, Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols), to arrive. Before we see Marion out front, caught in the rain, Norman has spent considerable time piecing together recent events... Such as the fact that he's been hooking up with perfectly nice dudes while Mother's driving.

This week's episode marked the end of the Rihanna's two-week stint playing the role. As with any mental illness, it's a painful breakthrough: We are not our illnesses, our broken parts, but that doesn't mean we're not responsible for their consequences. "Oh Mother", Norman says in despair, blood spattered on his face.

She goes to Norman, who tells her that Sam is actually married.

And now that RiRi has evaded Norman Bates, that's a wrap for her on "Bates Motel". Norman, sensing that his attraction to her was going to summon his mother's wrath, which would lead to something bad happening, told her to run away and start a new life. Along with their address. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) being stabbed to death in the shower. All in that same night, she returns to Bates Motel, just to be instructed by her potential murderer to leave for her safety, which she does - leaving it unclear if the singer will return back in future episodes or if she's indeed safe forever. Ah, for that you'd have to think back along Norma's whole life, particularly their first days in White Pine Bay, when coincident horrors brought back Norma's own PTSD - and woke Mother right up. As in "Psycho" (and the novel that inspired it), Marion arrived at the hotel with a secret: She had stolen a lot of money. In Psycho, you just see the outside of that more. The idea was that he represented to Norman a version of his father. Sam gets in the shower and that's when we get the iconic murder scene.

  • Salvatore Jensen