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A different politician might have expressed disappointment and moved on.

"This order doesn't draw any religious distinction at all", he added. "We're going to fight this awful ruling", he said, to applause from the crowd.

Trump, who used anti-Muslim rhetoric on the campaign trail in his successful run for the White House, will now have to account for those statements in court, with both judges saying the order raised the specter of religious bias.

So if Trump says that he is banning Muslims for legitimate national security reasons, the courts can't dig into whether he's actually banning these Muslims because they are Muslims. But it is also making governing more challenging.

In recent weeks, Trump has pledged that he would provide "insurance for everybody" at a lower cost, setting an impossible standard for congressional Republicans as they seek to craft a bill to scale back Obama's signature health-care law.

Trump has sent conflicting signals on whether he supports a "border adjustment tax", a key component of efforts to reduce taxes that has divided Republicans in the House and Senate who are eager for Trump's guidance. U.S. District Judge James Robart was the first.

Spicer said Trump had the authority to impose a 90-day ban on the issuance of visas to people from six Muslim-majority countries.and halt the USA refugee program for 120 days, Efe news reported.

Chuang said the executive order was "the realization of the long-envisioned Muslim ban" and just as Watson had, pointed to comments made by Trump during his presidental campaign.

In Maryland, Judge Theodore D. Chuang echoed that conclusion hours later, ruling in a case brought by nonprofit groups that work with refugees and immigrants, that the likely goal of the executive order was "the effectuation of the proposed Muslim ban" that Mr. Trump pledged to enact as a presidential candidate. The ruling was reinforced by the Maryland judge, who suspended the section stopping visas to people from six mostly Muslim countries. Early Thursday, a federal judge in Maryland issued a second injunction against the measure, suspending only the portion that stopped the issuance of visas.

The nation's highest court is now split 4-4 between liberals and conservatives with Trump's pick - appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch - still awaiting confirmation. This year they declined to hear a potentially landmark case about transgender rights that they had previously said they would hear. This is not about religion - this is about terror and keeping our country safe. The statement is still available on Trump's campaign website.

Vega then played a clip of Trump at a campaign rally where he declared that he was calling for a Muslim ban.

"I think all the refugees should go to Hawaii. We all know what that means".

"I'll tell you the whole history of it", Giuliani said.

US District Judge Derrick Watson on Wednesday ruled that the state of Hawaii, in its legal challenge to Trump's executive order, had established a strong likelihood that the ban would cause "irreparable injury" if it were to go ahead. Watson also said Hawaii would suffer financially if the executive order constricted the flow of students and tourists to the state, and that Hawaii was likely to succeed on a claim that the ban violates First Amendment protections against religious discrimination.

USA attorneys say the president of the United States has the authority to control who is allowed into the country in the name of national security.

"I was working with Hamoun originally on the first protest, and I feel like people have become desensitized to the issues and it has been normalized", Nadah said.

Reading a statement from the DOJ, Spicer said, "The danger is real, and the law is clear. The president was elected to change our broken immigration system".

This is the second time a federal judge has put a hold on the Trump travel ban. Or the Supreme Court could eventually intervene on his behalf. He issued the temporary restraining order mainly because the executive order purportedly violated the establishment clause, which Watson reduced to this formulation: "The clearest command of the Establishment Clause is that one religious denomination can not be officially preferred over another".

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