Oklahoma officer, 22, wounded in shootout

A 22-year-old officer and new recruit died Monday morning after a shootout with a man who fled a traffic stop in central Oklahoma, police said.

"I'm deeply saddened to hear the news of Tecumseh Police Officer Justin Terney who passed away this morning", the statement reads.

Kidney said Terney, who graduated from police academy last summer, was shot in the "lower extremities".

Terney approached a driver at about 11:30 p.m. local time for a routine traffic stop, but the vehicle fled the scene once the officer began checking with dispatchers to see if there were any outstanding warrants, according to Time. Shepard fired at Terney, hitting him three times, and Terney returned fire, wounding Shepard four times.

Tecumseh Officer Justin Terney, 22, died on Monday. The suspect - apparently a passenger - bolted as Terney checked with dispatchers to see if he had any outstanding warrants, according to Kidney. It was his first year on the force. Tecumseh police say the suspect ran away from the officer after the traffic stop and later opened fire after the officer used a stun gun.

"It makes us remember and realize how risky being in law enforcement is these days", Fallin said.

The suspect's condition is unknown at this time.

"If it is who we think this person is, there's a possibility that he has some warrants", Kidney said.

Bruce and Shirley Walck, who were walking their dogs through Tecumseh's downtown Monday, said Terney's death was a shock to the close-knit community.

The officer, identified as 22-year-old Justin Terney, died of his injuries. No details have been released about the suspect's identity.

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