No LGBTQ category included in Census proposal for 2020 count

After the revised list went out though, the Census Bureau said there was no "federal need" for that data to be included in the survey.

"The Trump Administration is trying hard to erase the LGBTQ community from the fabric of America, but visibility has always been one of the LGBTQ community's greatest strengths".

The logic was simple: With more focused questions law makers would be better equipped to ensure appropriate legislation to improve the lives of LGBTQ citizens. "The report has been corrected".

Yesterday, the U.S. Census admitted that it had "inadvertently" included "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in a much-awaited report outlining new categories for the survey.

Gender identity might be included in the United Kingdom's 2021 census, although the country reported in 2016 that "challenges and difficulties" remained in obtaining that information.

They have been campaigning for some years for the ten-year survey to include such questions.

With efforts to streamline the decennial U.S. Census, the addition of LGBT questions would have been unlikely. The current census only allows for a snapshot of same-sex households, but Democrats in Congress had pushed for more indepth questions around sexual orientation and gender identity to improve results.

Meghan Maury, criminal and economic justice project director at the National LGBTQ Task Force, said in a statement released Tuesday, that the move was "yet another step to deny LGBTQ people freedom, justice and equity".

The Trump administration also has canceled an Obama administration directive that students should use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

A number of federal agencies have previously urged the Census Bureau to collection data based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as they argue it is critical to their ability to implement and enforce law. Maury called on Congress "to conduct oversight hearings to reveal why the Administration made the last-minute decision not to collect data on LGBTQ people".

This isn't the first time that the Trump administration has stripped LGBTQ questions from a national survey.

President Trump's administration is removing LGBT people from official government records.

The Trump administration won't add questions about sexual orientation or gender identity to the 2020 census, meaning that LGBTQ Americans will continue to go uncounted by the survey that's meant to be the "leading source of quality data about the nation's people", according to the census website.

  • Larry Hoffman