'No Doubt' We'll Make a Deal on Healthcare

President Donald Trump is hoping to drive his priorities forward following the crumbling of the Republican health care bill but GOP finger-pointing is rampant, underscoring how tough it will be to produce the unity the party will need.

The House Freedom Caucus has no official list of members, but the group is chaired by Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. But the reality is doing that means a lot more concessions and moving legislation that is a lot less conservative, particularly on things like tax reform.

The doomed GOP bill would have eliminated former President Barack Obama's mandate for people to carry insurance or face fines and would have shrunk a Medicaid expansion.

Poe said on CNN's "New Day" that the conservative caucus "continues to be the opposition caucus against anything in the Republican party". "We can not be effective if we continue to vote no".

Mo Brooks, R-Ala., a member of the Freedom Caucus, filed a bill to repeal Obamacare on Friday.

Brat said that could be done "in short order".

The Tuesday morning GOP closed-door meeting was the first time the group met since the embarrassing admission that Republicans didn't have enough votes to pass their own health care bill.

Trump blamed Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on Friday after the GOP's Obamacare replacement, the American Health Care Act, was pulled before a House vote.

But on Sunday, his aides made clear that Trump would be seeking support from moderate Democrats, leaving open the possibility he could still revisit health care legislation. It would have also blocked federal payments to Planned Parenthood.

In reality, the members of the Freedom Caucus were not the only Republicans who opposed to the new health care bill.

But there were mixed messages from the White House. During the meeting, he said he will continue to pursue healthcare changes while addressing other issues important to President Donald Trump, according to the report. Whether he would work to fix Obama's law was a big question.

"You're much more likely to get it done without the supplemental, and then look at the supplemental as a separate package", Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairman Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) told reporters at the Capitol.

"If the Republican Party doesn't unite, ObamaCare stays the way it is", O'Reilly said. "Our Democratic friends ought to be pretty happy about that because we have the existing law in place and I think we're just going to have to see how that works out".

For his part, Trump also cast blame on the House Freedom Caucus for refusing to support the bill.

Some Republicans advocate working with Democrats on big legislation, insinuating that they could be better legislative partners than the far-right Republicans.

Shuster has rare credibility to deal with Trump because he was an early campaign supporter and has been chatting with the billionaire about infrastructure and airports long before Trump ran for President. "That's how we do things on the battlefield, that's how things should be done here", said freshman Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., an Army veteran who lost both legs after being wounded in Afghanistan.

  • Larry Hoffman