N. Korea could be in final preparations for nuclear test

The North Korean authorities, who have recently responded to increasing pressure from the US and South Korea with the missile engine test, are reportedly emphasizing the need to strengthen the national defense forces, saying that the missile launch is for "enhancing self-defense capabilities", during recent lectures.

North Korea may be preparing to test another nuclear device as President Donald Trump prepares to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping next month, in a summit that is expected to focus on containing North Korea's weapons program. The anniversary is seen as a likely moment for Kim to stage another bomb and/or missile test.

As fears mount over North Korea's growing military prowess, the group will also recommend that Japan step up its capacity to intercept incoming missiles by considering new technology such as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - known as Thaad - or Aegis Ashore defense systems, according to the LDP member.

In its proposal, the panel suggested that North Korea has entered a new phase of threat, noting that the reclusive country launched more than 20 missiles previous year.

When a test is conducted, which in the North's case has always been between 8 and 10 in the morning, the nuclear device is placed at the farthest end of the tunnel, which uses the angles and corners of the "hook" section to deflect and absorb as much of the blast as possible.

The 38 North researchers noted Tuesday that water was being pumped out of the gateway at Punggye-ri and depleted downhill to keep the passage dry for observing or communications equipment.

Be that as it may, they cautioned that there was "no authoritative confirmation", including: "Since North Korea knows the world is watching and is equipped for trickery, alert ought to be utilized before proclaiming that a nuclear test is impending". Adding insult to injury, seismic data suggested the test was less than a complete success, more of a fizzle than a bang.

North Korea had recently threatened to engage in "special preemptive operations" while denouncing the U.S. Each one North Korea conducts invites more worldwide condemnation, tougher economic sanctions and anger from China, which is its economic lifeline and former Korean War comrade in arms. The North Korean flag carrier also used to make occasional flights to other destinations, but sanctions have led some countries such as Kuwait and Malaysia to stop Air Koryo flights.

  • Julie Sanders