Martin Mcguinness and the Comparative Struggles of Northern Ireland and South Africa

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and Northern Ireland leader Michelle O'Neill carry the coffin of the late Martin McGuinness in Derry, Northern Ireland.

"But certainly if we look even at Londonderry down through the years, there are many victims; there are many people whose hearts are broken still today because of the murder of their family members, and that's part of the legacy of Martin McGuinness".

"In doing so, he made an essential contribution to the extraordinary journey of Northern Ireland from conflict to peace".

McGuinness had resigned from office in January, citing an unspecified serious illness and a breakdown in relations with the rival Democratic Unionist Party with whom he had shared power in Belfast for a decade.

McGuinness was believed to been involved in IRA-related bombings and killings - allegations he denied.

The Anglican leaders of the Church in Ireland have issued statements on the death of Martin McGuinness, the ex - IRA leader turned politician who has died aged 66.

Former Irish Republican Army (IRA) leader Martin McGuiness managed to receive the praise while still alive.

Another, Olly Dillingham‏ simply said: "Grand Hotel BRIGHTON?" Some regret not putting ballots first.

In the election after his resignation, Sinn Fein came within one seat of becoming the biggest party in Northern Ireland for the first time. At the moment, it remains collapsed, raising the possibility that Britain will once again impose direct rule over Northern Ireland.

His partnership at the top of Stormont's power-sharing administration with the Rev Ian Paisley, the fundamentalist unionist leader who had been his most implacable enemy, would have been unthinkable just a few years before, as republican bombs ripped apart cities on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Stephen Grimason served as the Northern Ireland Executive's director of communications for more than 15 years and during that period he worked very closely with Mr McGuinness.

Former conservative minister Norman Tebbit, whose wife was badly injured in an IRA blast in 1984, said the world was "a sweeter place" without McGuinness, who he described as a coward posing as a man of peace.

Blair says it could not have been done without "Martin's leadership".

In that capacity, he met Her Majesty at a charity event in Belfast in 2012, and, in a symbolic gesture of unity, the two shook hands in public, an act that made headlines.

She added: "This is undoubtedly a sad time for his family and we express our sympathies to them".

Born in Derry in 1950, he leaves the republican movement in Northern Ireland in a position of unparalleled political strength. Later that day, in an intricate ambush near Warrenpoint in County Down, IRA bombs killed 18 soldiers, 16 of them members of the Parachute Regiment, a unit of the British army loathed by many nationalists for their role on Bloody Sunday.

At a time when the IRA was routinely failing, peppered with informants and losing the PR game after a string of disastrous attacks - Shankill, Enniskillen, Warrington - took so many civilian lives, he became convinced that the only real future lay in striking a deal.

McGuinness became Northern Ireland's deputy first minister in 2007 working alongside Paisley.

Following the IRA's second ceasefire in 1997, McGuinness became Sinn Fein's chief negotiator in peace talks that led to the landmark 1998 Good Friday peace accord.

He ended his statement with an Irish quote which translates as: "A faithful soul among the heroes of Ireland.".=.

  • Leroy Wright