Lorde Responds to Impersonator Who Tricked Fans in New Zealand

A group of punters at a dance party in Auckland enjoyed a special appearance from home grown pop sensation Lorde on Monday night.

"In fact, she's now thousands of kilometres away eating Creme Eggs with her mum in London".

The hour-long "dance freedom" festivity had fans convinced one of the performers of the night was the "Green Light" singer because of her uncanny and impressive impersonation.

But after several punters took to twitter to thank Lorde for the performance, both Lorde and her mum shut down the speculation, confirming that she is now in London.

A fan shared the news story with Lorde, who saw the amusing side of the story and responded, "this is deeply fake news but quite cute lol (laugh out loud)".

However, as Lorde pointed out soon after, she wasn't at the party, or even in New Zealand for that matter.

The singer also shared a photo of herself eating a cream egg in the United Kingdom, apparently firming up her alibi: "we in london and i got my creme egg beeetch".

"I really expected that people would be leaving the hall a bit uncertain, but I guess I really shouldn't have underestimated Hannah".

Kiwi Musician Nadia Reid told the NZ Herald that Horsfield was quite a convincing impersonator and very much "sounded like Lorde" during the performance.

Lorde and her mother are both in London.

Neilson had told New Zealand's Newshub that the prank was an "early celebration" of April Fools Day, to which Newshub drily added: "The April Fools prank was played. nearly a week before April 1".

Her second album, Melodrama, is due to be released on 16 June.

  • Salvatore Jensen