It's Rumor Time: The Venom movie could be R-rated, super scary

Meanwhile, brings word that the studio now intends for the movie to be rated R, which would certainly make that "horror" description mean a hell of a lot more to diehard fans.

Despite many not having been happy with Sony's solo efforts in making a decent Spider-Man movie with their now defunct Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the studio certainly still wants to make the most of the property they own. There has been no word yet if this upcoming film will have anything to do with Sony's new Spider-Man: Homecoming film, which takes the version of Spider-Man from the version we saw in Captain America: Civil War. So, Sony is going to put those characters to good use and kick-off their own MCU, starting with the Venom movie next year. Of course, it also opens up comparisons to Deadpool and Logan, which are both R-rated comic book movies that have done very well, critically and commercially.

Are you excited for the Spider-Man spin-off movies? The character is only interesting because of his connection to the iconic hero, so if you take that away, you're not really left with a whole lot. According to a report by Collider, Sony has set its sights on building an expanded universe, beginning with the already announced Venom project.

With a hefty R-rating rumored to be the direction Sony are taking with their Venom movie, it makes sense that they would approach Adi for the directorial position.

It is worrying to hear that this character won't exist in the same universe as Spider-Man. This is a major Hollywood Studio and movies are a business. Only a year ahead of the apparent release date, so it seems Venom is on the fast track of production. Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Salvatore Jensen