ICE: Rape suspect's father arrested after immigration review

The Superintendent of the Montgomery County Public Schools, said that public indignation concerning the rape of a 14-year-old female student of Rockville High School by illegal alien suspects has mostly been "racist" and "xenophobic".

As the trio were passing by a boys' bathroom on the way to the gym, the 17-year-old Montano repeatedly asked the girl to have sex with him and his friend, and when she refused they allegedly forced her into the restroom. Sanchez was ordered to appear before an immigration judge, Bourke said, but that appearance has not been scheduled.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, in response to a reporter's question at a March 21 press briefing, called the crime "shocking, disturbing, horrific".

"I think part of the reason that the president has made illegal immigration and crackdown such a big deal is because of tragedies like this", Spicer said, according to NBC. Deportation proceedings have begun against the father, reports say, while an attorney says the suspect fled gang violence in his home country. The younger man and another Rockville High student (17-year-old Jose Montano) have been charged with first-degree rape in the attack on a 14-year-old girl at the school. His father was arrested last week after a review of his immigration status.

"ICE has stepped up its enforcement nationwide", Jezic said, "and he is one of many who are being detained who would not have been detained 100 days ago".

They were caught and they were released.

Defense lawyers have characterized the episode in school as a consensual sexual encounter. They have packed town-hall meetings, demanding answers about how such a crime was allowed to occur inside a school building. How many more school girls must be raped before our elected leaders secure our borders?

In response, school leaders have highlighted security protocols and policies dealing with new students.

Mass immigration, both legal and illegal, over recent years has resulted in a sharp increase in the number and share of public school students coming from immigrant households, which is now nearly one out of four, according to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Across Maryland Avenue, a smaller group of demonstrators tried to drown out the protest, chanting "No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here".

"Our government should be focusing on widespread sexual harassment, sexual assault and violation of students' civil rights", said Warkov.

  • Leroy Wright