Hulu picks up Sarah Silverman series I Love You, America

According to Deadline, Hulu has ordered a weekly, half-hour talk show tentatively titled I Love You, America that will be hosted by Sarah Silverman. Unlike Bee and Handler, however, I Love You, America comes equipped with the executive producing power of amusing or Die, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Amy Zvi.

The weekly program - produced by amusing or Die - marks Hulu's first foray into the talk show/variety genre. "With this show she's looking to connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions through honesty, humor, genuine interest in others, and not taking herself too seriously". Amy Zvi will also act as executive producer.

The comedienne and actress was a very vocal Democrat during the 2016 presidential election. Bernie Sanders for "being ridiculous". The outlet created original content for the Democratic National Convention in July, and produced several viral online skits mocking Trump during the election, including a 50-minute "lost" TV movie of Trump's The Art of the Deal, with Johnny Depp starring as Trump.

Deadline, which first reported the news of the pickup, explained that Silverman, despite being a staunch liberal, wants to use her new show "to connect with un-like-minded people" across the nation.

  • Salvatore Jensen