House Republicans Say Health Care Still on Table but Offer No Timeline

The Freedom Caucus has proven to be equal opportunity obstructionists.

Administration officials may shy away from such brinkmanship knowing they would likely bear the blame for the tumult it causes, says James Capretta, resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Moderate Republicans in both chambers are still anxious about ensuring that health care stays affordable for their lower-income constituents, and want to preserve Medicaid, which is popular even in states Donald Trump won.

Projects like REDMAP (The Republican State Leadership Committee's Redistricting Majority Project) used this to maximum effect.

READ: Can Republicans govern if they can't keep a promise they've made for 7 years? No tax breaks for the rich - only the middle class. Fix immigration once and for all with a more humane approach and with a path to legalization if not citizenship.

Can Trump do this?

"I think they recognize it and individuals are talking".

I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor of California in 2003. Billing himself as the Governator, he came in with great gusto, promising massive changes and claiming he was just the tough conservative guy who could make things happen.

After his first big effort failed miserably, he started reverting to his liberal roots, accomplishing nearly nothing.

There are many reasons the Republicans' health proposal failed (beyond the fact that it was an bad mess of a bill). Who's to blame? Though this bill may not have been ideal, it was a good start toward digging our way out of Obamacare. Trump was elected because Americans wanted to get things done. Conservatives, for example, do not believe that the government should be involved in the business of giving Planned Parenthood federal dollars.

Now that the Republicans have a chance to restore the American dream, they instead fight among themselves like children.

Brooks spoke after divided House Republicans met to discuss strategy. And he could greatly expand exemptions to the individual mandate. Americans are exhausted of the infighting. "We want greatness for this country that we love". From Trump on down, they note high increases in certain states.

KLIFF: I don't think it's exploding.

Republicans insisted they had no "Plan B" for their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. After at least 50 votes over seven years to repeal Obamacare, that's the best they could do? GOP leaders in Congress and at the White House were trying to take steps to avoid stumbling into a shutdown. Brooks wants a vote on a measure that goes further in repealing Obama's overhaul.

How will President Donald Trump respond? Klein provides a devastating critique of the health care bill and compares it to the failure of the Iraq War under President George W. Bush.

I'd like to see a president that takes responsibility - "the buck stops here". After all, even the president has figured out that this health care stuff can be "complicated".

It's easy to give, but you can't take.

Stop undermining the Affordable Care Act.

"Obviously we're going to have to do something because our health care system is like Thelma and Louise", says Sen. Gluck was co-counsel on a Supreme Court brief defending the legality of Obamacare in the 2012 challenge to the ACA.

Details on the new negotiations weren't yet available, but the replacement bill still leaves 24 million more Americans without insurance after a decade than would under the ACA.

So, a major electricity provider wants to punish people who have solar with a $40 per month minimum bill. But there are certainly policy decisions the Trump administration will need to make that will really determine if it goes into explosion mode like Trump is predicting. Just enough to cover the costs related to generating a bill. However, whether they deserve higher profits for nothing is a separate argument.

Wednesday mornings for the last several years is Meals on Wheels day for my husband and me.

We have been delivering meals to 12 people and sometimes more in the Garland area. There are times when literature is handed out with helpful information. "If they need help, we will be there to help them, but no more free ride'". "If you think this is complicated and controversial, wait 'til we get into tax reform".

In the short term, however, Democrats don't have the votes in Congress to pursue legislation of any kind. Only 12 Democrats sit in congressional districts that Trump won.

  • Larry Hoffman