Gov't watchdog to examine cost of Trump's Florida travel

Meanwhile, it looks as though Democrats may have the votes to prevent Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch from clearing a 60-vote confirmation threshold when the nomination is expected to come to the Senate floor next week.

"T$3 his is like when you start to do your homework when you hear the garage door opening", one Twitter user noted. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York, flanked by Sen.

On Mar. 27, White House press secretary Spicer confirmed that the president would consider working with Democrats to help craft a future health care proposal.

Broadly speaking, there are three groups within conservative media: Populists who were enthusiastic passengers on the Trump train but now appear to be prioritizing their principles over strict allegiance to the president; moderate Republicans and Never-Trumpers who do the same, albeit with a different set of principles; and unabashedly pro-Trump conservatives who for now appear set to defend and promote the president no matter what. "We understand that. This is paradise, right?", Lois Frankel, a member of the US House of Representative from West Palm Beach, told reporters Monday.

"It might be a good idea now for at least an attempted outreach to the Democrats to see if there are areas where we can come to an agreement. there may be areas where we can find agreement with the Democrats", McCain said during a forum in Brussels, Bloomberg Politics reports. And the minority leader, as well as other Democrats, expressed a willingness to work across party lines to improve the law - if the GOP stopped trying to repeal and undermine it.

"While we want the fullest protection for your visits, we hope that you would be responsive to the losses of small businesses and residents of Palm Beach County", they wrote. "Sorry that didn't work", McConnell added.

Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Tom Udall of New Mexico, as well as Rep. Elijah E. Cummings.

Publicly, Trump on Monday greeted female business owners to a round-table discussion on jobs and later joined with Republican lawmakers and members of his Cabinet as he signed into law bills focused on overturning Obama era regulations.

"We can't be chasing flawless all the time".

He's spent five weekends down at the "Winter White House" - the president's name for his Mar-a-Lago estate - since taking the oath of office on January 20.

Steve Bannon, Trump's senior adviser, said it's not Priebus' grim - and ultimately inaccurate - warning that stuck with the president.

The dinner also typically features remarks from a comedian, often roasting the president, and a humorous address by the president himself, often roasting the press and political opponents. And that's such an easy one. "I think it's also fair to say we're more united than ever".

Trump blamed Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on Friday after the GOP's Obamacare replacement, the American Health Care Act, was pulled before a House vote. But Tuesday morning, they exchanged pledges of unity in a closed-door meeting and emerged eager to continue their efforts on health care, although they provided no specific plans or timeline for how they would proceed. "It is just too important".

"We couldn't even get a copy", said Sen.

Those comments landed with a thud on the Senate side. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said: "No".

Kerwin, apparently not wanting to squander what little time she had remaining for mayhem prior to her inevitable arrest, spent the next few minutes cursing wildly at one of the Mar-a-Lago security guards, talking to empty cars and-according to the police report-making "incoherent statements".

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