GOP struggles to govern despite a monopoly in Washington

Republican Rep. Ted Poe of Texas resigned from the House Freedom Caucus on Sunday after the group's opposition to the American Health Care Act contributed to the bill's failure this week.

On Tuesday, reports indicated that a meeting of the Republican House conference discussed the possibility of pushing forward on healthcare.

"So when it comes to tax reform, when it comes to border security, when it come to the other big issues we've talked about accomplishing, and we promised the voters we would (do), let's just do what we said".

'I think there's probably plenty of blame to go around, ' Mulvaney said on NBC's Meet the Press. It was at this stage that Ryan's moderate allies abandoned the bill. Once associated with the tea party, he now waves the Freedom Caucus flag - though Yoho said he was reluctant to join at first.

Midway through the process, Meadows told reporters he had spoken to the White House every day that week but hadn't had a substantial meeting with a member of House leadership in two weeks.

"But who gave him the bad advice?"

Leadership said they are looking to work with lawmakers throughout the party on a bill they can all get behind. "I sit in the front row-Republicans have got to quit shooting each other, you understand?"

As the hour got closer to ten o'clock, members started heading back to the Capitol for hearings, but more than a few stayed behind to continue to hash it out with House conservatives, he said.

Watch more from Poe above.

"There are some folks in the Republican House caucus who have yet to make the pivot from complaining to governing", said Republican pollster Whit Ayres. "I think that's going to have to be the new coalition", he said. The former economics professor answered his own question when he told them that getting to yes should not be a problem for any House Republicans, because the House Republicans have voted 50 times to repeal Obamacare, one way or the other.

Phillips said such a realignment "would be the most dramatic departure from promises and an avowed philosophy in the modern era, and so we would certainly hope that would not happen".

Jordan said conservatives expected a clean repeal bill to be introduced first - the same bill Republicans passed overwhelmingly and sent to President Obama in 2015.

"We want what is best for the country going forward", he said. Leaving this caucus will allow me to be a more effective Member of Congress and advocate for the people of Texas. During a meeting last week with Vice President Mike Pence, Yoho got up to leave and flashed a thumbs down, a move that irritated the White House, anonymous insiders told the Washington Post.

House leaders pulled the GOP health care bill from consideration Friday after it became clear Republicans did not have enough votes to pass the legislation, in part because of near-unified opposition from the Freedom Caucus. "Do not worry, we are in very good shape!"

  • Leroy Wright