Google's Search app now includes Gboard, a widget and expanded 3D Touch

Google launched the Gboard app a year ago to give iPhone users an easier way to send GIFs and emojis from any app, but most importantly, to keep users engaged with Google search and its other services while they're chatting with friends on social and messaging apps. The new update to the Google Search app brings Gboard along with many other cool updates.

After streamlining the app's news feed late past year, the main Google app now brings the Gboard iOS keyboard under its wing. Apart from all this, it also performs quick search on Google to provide you datas like weather report, traffic updates, nearby restaurants in the area, or news, videos and score updates.

The app additionally now supports 3D Touch for web pages and search results.

Along with this, the app update brings with it a new "Trending on Google" widget, which could flash in iOS notification bar. For those who haven't, we guess this could be a good introduction to the app which might encourage you to use it as your default keyboard.

If you would like to use the new Gboard keyboard in the Google Search app, all you have to do is head over to the Google app settings. Since more people are using messaging apps and social networking on mobile devices than the web browser, the Gboard keyboard app was created to help you search from within the keyboard itself and allow you new ways to communicate.

The widget displays live trending searches on Google, so if users see something that catches their eyes a single tap would launch the Google app where they could read the story or news that caught their attention. For one thing, you will notice that there is a "Trending on Google" widget that you can add right onto the iOS Notification Center. You will be able to conduct image searches, voice searches, end up incognito, and even perform Quick Searches.

The features are available in the new version of the Google Search app for iOS.

Shahid pointed out that 3D Touch has been integrated throughout the app, so hard pressing on certain features of the app would lead to more options. To install it, swipe right on your home screen, scroll to the bottom, tap "Edit", then add "Trending on Google".

  • Carolyn Briggs