Fake Doctor Sentenced to 10 Years for Fix-A-Flat Butt Injections

A fake cosmetic surgery doctor who injected toxic materials including super glue into a patient's buttocks, causing catastrophic injuries, has been sentenced to 10 years in a United States prison.

Her rear end had hardened and turned black, she wrote.

Kisha Jones, another one of the fake physician's alleged clients, said Morris' breast injections have caused her an enormous amount of anguish.

"My daughter died the most inhumane death", Nuby's mother, Sherri Pitts said of her 31-year-old daughter. "Putting (Morris) in jail won't bring her back".

Morris also faces five additional years of probation following his prison sentence.

She was sentenced to serve her sentence in a men's prison.

Morris reportedly chose to take the plea bargain because she did not feel that she received a fair trial due to the media coverage surrounding the case, as well as her own enlarged buttocks.

A Florida woman accused of injecting Fix-a-Flat, cement, silicone, mineral oil and Super Glue into the buttocks of women in to try to enhance their figures was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison over a death resulting from the toxic mix, according to local media reports. She paid $2,000 for the procedures.

This is not the first time Morris has been in trouble with the law for her practice.

In 2012, Nuby died in prison from what a medical examiner called "massive systemic silicone migration" from injections into her buttocks and hips.

This marks the second time Morris will be incarcerated for butt injection crimes, as she'd previously served a sentence in Miami-Dade County for practicing medicine without a license.

"This whole experience has taught me a lot about how people will try to destroy my life", she told the judge.

Police said that Morris made a business out of performing cut-rate cosmetic procedures.

"All parties share the responsibilities and the blame for their own actions and the role they played", he told the newspaper.

  • Larry Hoffman