Facebook Town Hall helps you connect with government representatives

"In addition to Town Hall, Facebook users that "Like" or "Comment" on a post from one of their elected officials from their news feed will see a new feature that invites them to directly contact their representative". Users who will have a message to send to certain officials can do so through the Contact button, the tapping of which would give them choices of either making a call, sending a message, writing an email, or visiting that official's page.

And now when you post about one of your representatives on Facebook, the social network will prompt you to "share your thoughts directly" by more traditional means - phone, fax or mail.

The new tool confirms the growing importance of civic-minded features for the social network, as stated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has launched a new tool that would make it easier for users to find and "follow" their elected representatives. In a post on Monday, March 27, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced and elaborated upon the Town Hall feature. The tool lists the officials based on users' location and provide a fast access to them.

Facebook also has a new feature reminding its users of upcoming elections so they get out and vote. "Today, most of us do not even know who our local representatives are, but many policies impacting our lives are local, and this is where our participation has the greatest influence", he wrote.

One of Town Hall's most useful capabilities is identifying your elected officials.

Scroll through the list of government officials and choose who you would like to contact.

Government Town Hall meetings are some of the most important aspects to Democracy that often come with some frustrating blunders that inconvenience people.

Facebook's new US service makes it easier for users to reach out to elected officials. The new reminders will appear for eligible voters during all state, county and municipal elections in the U.S.in counties with over 10,000 voters.

  • Carolyn Briggs