Erdogan: Turkey may hold European Union accession referendum

On Saturday, supporters of the terrorist PKK, DHKP-C, YPG took part in a rally in front of the Federal Parliament building, located in Parliament Square in Bern, targeting Turkey and President Erdogan.

"You [Britain] have made a decision with Brexit, there may be different things after April 16", he said, referring to a June 2016 referendum in which British voters backed the country's exit from the EU.

A "local and national presidency" would be within the framework of Turkish Republic's founding principles from 1923, Erdogan said during an engagement in Turkey's Aegean Denizli province.

The reform would also allow Mr Erdogan to once again rule the lead the ruling party while in office, and possibly stay in power for another 12 years.

Turkey is an integral part of a deal to keep hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing the Middle East and beyond from moving to Europe, in return for €3 billion in European Union financial aid to Ankara.

The Swiss foreign minister told his Turkish counterpart on Thursday that Switzerland would "rigorously investigate" any illegal spying by Ankara on expatriate Turks before an April 16 referendum that could expand Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's powers.

"It must be known that there is a limit to [Turkey's] patience with the attitude that European countries show us", Erdogan added.

He'll continue using terms such as "fascist" or "Nazi" in his criticism of Europe as long as "they keep calling me a dictator", Erdogan said.

The country will vote on whether to move from a parliamentary to a presidential system of government.

Burkhalter expressed concern about a crackdown in Turkey following a failed July 15th coup that the government has blamed on US-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Officials in several major European cities have banned rallies by senior Turkish politicians to promote the constitutional referendum among members of Turkey's European diaspora.

Turkey on Wednesday (15 March) threatened once again to scrap a critical deal on halting the flow of migrants to the European Union amid a spiralling war of words between Ankara and the bloc.

As Istanbul builds a massive new airport and Turkish Airlines pursues aggressive route expansion, some in Turkey see the ban on large carry-on electronics on USA and Britain-bound flights as a ploy to undermine their aviation industry.

  • Leroy Wright