Dax Shepard Says CHiPS Movie is '100% Motorcycle Driven'

Shepard's real-life wife Kristen Bell plays his ex here, someone he's still pining after even though she's clearly not worth it. Bell is basically playing a different, less developed version of her character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall; there's not that much to her role beyond that.

"Yeah you haven't acknowledged your character defects yet", Shepard said.

Bell described her husband to the Associated Press as 'the most un-homophobic person you could ever find ― I mean, we waited until everyone could get married before we got married, based on principle'.

He's smartly gone for real stunts, but they are so poorly constructed and filmed that the action looks amateurish. That works in the movie's favor. However, he was hopeful that Pena would agree to play his sidekick, feeling he was the flawless guy for the role.

"Once I had his blessing and (knew) that he was genuinely excited about it, I wasn't really too anxious about what other people would say".

That was two years ago.

The film is committed to homophobia and nudity shock value for its intended laughs, and in that way, it's reminiscent of the equally disgusting "Vacation" from a couple of years ago.

"She gives me a great rate", Shepard joked in an interview with Variety.

The two men have an "Odd Couple"-type of vibe in this raunchy, irreverent, yet endearing comedy". Baker is a beaten up pro motorbiker trying to put his life and marriage back together. Jon gets partnered with Frank "Ponch" Poncherello (Michael Pena, taking over the role that made Erik Estrada famous), who's actually an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent trying to smoke out some dirty cops. But with Baker's unique bike skills and Ponch's street savvy it might just work...if they don't drive each other insane first. They hashed out which ones Shepard would be allowed to do.

"I did a whole lot of them myself", he revealed. "I did a ton of stuff like that". He'd never ridden a motorcycle before this and he was on the highway driving and had only learned 4 weeks before.

Wilcox wasn't pleased with a particular scene in the trailer in which Michael Peña's Ponch falls on Dax Shepard's naked Baker while carrying him to the shower. "But I don't think sexuality is sexist". I've got no ax to grind. This happened to be best of both worlds where we actually like each other a ton and have magic chemistry.

Although Shepard is a amusing man, he does know when to turn serious about his craft.

Said Bell: "I didn't pump for about a day, and if you don't pump, your boobs go out and then they go up".

  • Carolyn Briggs