Dating App Tinder Is Testing a Web Application (AAPL)

Tinder announced today a web version of its wildly popular match-making service.

"Introducing Tinder Online: a fun, new web experience and your English professor's worst nightmare", said the announcement from Tinder about the expansion. As Tinder's introduction to Tinder Online reveals, it means you can "swipe from any browser, on any device, anywhere in the world".

The other audience Tinder hopes to reach is users stuck in workplaces or classrooms where they can't use their phone.

New and returning users can visit, log in through their Facebook accounts and swipe left or right like they would on the app. Mobile phones not allowed in class?

Tinder is finally breaking free of its app.

Not yet available everywhere, the web service is now rolling out to users in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden. Just fire up your laptop and swipe incognito'.

"With Tinder Online, we're thrilled to make the Tinder experience accessible and available for more users than ever, on any device, any platform, and through any browser", Brian Norgard, the firm's head of product and revenue, said in a statement. Now you can toggle between spreadsheets and Super Likes in a flash. In the biggest shake-up to its platform since it launched in 2012, Tinder has made it possible to search for love without a phone. The new desktop version also allows users to chat with each other.

Tinder also faced the problem of being talked about as a game rather than a dating app.

That's right, Tinder has moved beyond the smartphone app and will now run on just about anything with an internet connection.

  • Arturo Norris