Brexit: Prime Minister May Is Triggering UK's Exit From EU Today

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It's not even certain that the United Kingdom will survive the exit intact.

The prime minister, who will chair a cabinet meeting in the morning, will then make a statement to MPs confirming the countdown to the UK's departure from the European Union is under way.

The bitterly-fought campaign revealed a deep divide across the country, with strong support for the "Remain" campaign in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland, while "Leave" triumphed in Wales and the English regions.

The Brexit letter is expected to seek to set a positive tone for the talks and recap 12 key points which May set out as her goals in a speech on January 17, European Union officials said.

Sir Tim arrived at the European Council clutching a briefcase containing the Article 50 letter as cameras captured the historic moment.

"And then of course you could dance across the Atlantic to America where Donald Trump's recently appointed Secretary of State for Business has described Brexit as a wonderful opportunity for America to nick the business now being done in Britain".

"Negotiations should be fair for both sides but it is imperative that European Union membership emerges as the superior option", he said.

Other issues which are likely to be discussed are cross-border security arrangements, the European Arrest Warrant, moving EU agencies which have their headquarters in the United Kingdom and the UK's contribution to pensions of EU civil servants - part of a wider "divorce bill" which some reports have suggested could run to £50bn. Positioning a portfolio on nothing more than guesswork will most likely end up costing you money.

The British PM also spoke with European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Tusk, on Tuesday.

British negotiators are sure to quibble over the size of the tab.

"To restore Britain's competitiveness we must begin by deregulating the labour market".

The Sun, Britain's most popular newspaper, projected giant messages to Europe including "Dover and Out", "Goodbye" and "See EU Later" onto England's iconic white cliffs of Dover that face the continent. Find us on Facebook too! But, he added, "There can be no cherry picking either".

Negotiations will soon hit a major contraction: Britain wants "frictionless" free trade, but says it will restore control of immigration, ending the right of European Union citizens to live and work in Britain.

It says the primary objective of negotiations with Britain will to be to minimize uncertainties for citizens, the economy and the EU. The two parties can, however, continue trade talks beyond this period.

European officials will bide their time to make a considered response, knowing the British have ceded control of the clock to them.

May and her Brexit ministers have been crucified by experts and in certain sections of the press for suggesting that leaving the European Union with no deal in place is better than accepting a bad deal.

  • Zachary Reyes