Bill O'Reilly: Rep. Maxine Waters is wearing a 'James Brown' wig

A full 24 hours have passed since Bill O'Reilly made the grievous error of "joking" that he couldn't listen to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) because he was too bloody distracted by her "James Brown wig".

O'Reilly said earlier Tuesday he "didn't hear a word" of Waters's remarks on the House floor the day before because of her hair.

During the Fox News personality's Tuesday appearance on Fox and Friends, O'Reilly responded to a clip of Rep.

After running down a laundry list of issues Waters sees as more important than O'Reilly, including the Russian Federation investigation and Republican attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Waters then says "I know what they're trying to do". "Do we have a picture of James Brown? It's the same wig". The one Fox & Friends co-host who didn't think any of this was amusing was Ainsley Earhardt, who told O'Reilly that he can't criticize a woman for her looks. "I have to defend her on that", she said. "She's not a phony, and that's old school", he said.

"I think she's very attractive!"

"No. Okay, I've got to defend her on that".

Hours after Bill O'Reilly launched an apology for suggesting Maxine Waters' hairdo looked like that of the late James Brown, the congresswoman fired back with one hell of a classy response.

"You're all wrong about Maxine Waters", he said.

O'Reilly was asked what he thought of a clip of Waters railing against President Donald Trump and the Republican party. And that's old-school. We're giving Maxine a break here.

"I am not going to be put down, I am not going to go anywhere, I am going to stay on the issues", the congresswoman concluded.

In the Fox and Friends segment, O'Reilly is shown split-screen with Waters, adding some of his famed insights, which include smirking, looking to the side, and fist pumping- all of which were combined with a whiff of O'Reilly's signature smugness.

Mr. O'Reilly's comments were slammed as racist and misogynistic on social media.

O'Reilly ultimately apologized, saying that his comment on Waters' hair was "dumb". "Well, that was stupid", O'Reilly said on Tuesday night, while laughing.

  • Salvatore Jensen