April the giraffe's keepers predict 'we are close'

We will not confirm active labor, but we do have discharge that would suggest the count down to calf has begun! According to Animal Adventure Park zookeepers, the giraffe looks to be having a "mammary change", which prompted them to make the excited announcement that "We are getting there!" referring to the moment that April the giraffe finally gives birth.

This will be 15-year-old April's fourth calf but her first with new partner, five-year-old Oliver. Her newborn calf will weigh around 15 pounds and measure an impressive six feet long.

A pregnant giraffe has its own website, a GoFundMe page, an apparel line and millions of people worldwide watching live-streaming video waiting for it to give birth.

"Both Animal Adventure Park and Toys "R" Us have the common goal of bringing awareness to the plight of the giraffe as well as the need to create a sustainable future for them", the Facebook post stated. That means the giraffe has been pregnant since 2015!

Progression! The udder continues to fill. Animal Adventure Park said in a Facebook update. "She doesn't really go to bed, she takes quick short cat naps", Swilley says of April. Hundreds of thousands (if not more) of people are expected to watch the giraffe baby's live birth. For instance, once April starts active labor, the calf could be born in 30 to 60 minutes. Once April goes into active labor, the giraffe calf will likely make an appearance fairly quick.

Then why is the feed up if we're not sure when the calf is coming? An exact date and time of when April will be giving birth is still not known.

On Sunday evening there was said to be "increased calf activity" after a calm period which the zoo described as "the quiet before the storm".

What if YouTube removes the video again? The giraffe calf will be born hooves-first and will more than likely being nursing straight away. This is the zoo's first giraffe calf.

  • Joanne Flowers