Accused Killer in Brutal Sword Attack To Face A Judge

Prosecutors in NY are saying that the targeted killing of a black man in Midtown was most likely an act of terrorism, after self-proclaimed white supremacist James Harris Jackson, 28, allegedly stabbed 66-year-old Timothy Caughman to death.

White supremacist James Jackson, who stabbed Timothy Caughman on Monday, had apparently taken the bus up to NY from Baltimore because "he wanted to make a statement", according to Assistant Chief William Aubry.

Prosecutors say James Harris Jackson launched a vicious attack on Timothy Caughman in NY on Monday, however the US President is yet to address the killing.

Investigators believe that Jackson was considering committing other crimes, but eventually turned himself in after seeing his photo in the news.

Court documents say, Jackson brought other knives to NY and told police he planned to kill again.

Shortly after the incident, Jackson walked into the Midtown South precinct station and told the police he traveled from Baltimore with sole intention to kill black men.

A white Army veteran who harbors a decade-long hatred of black men traveled from Baltimore to New York City with the intent to kill black men, according to police via the Associated Press.

Jackson also approached an interracial couple, but decided instead to turn himself in at the NYPD's Times Square substation.

"We will not allow the forces of racism and hate to intimidate or divide us", Cuomo said.

Police said the fatal stabbing occurred around 11:15 p.m. Monday, as Caughman, a can and bottle recycler, was rifling through the trash.

A person who said they witnessed the attack is quoted in the complaint as saying they apparently saw part of the violent encounter, describing a white man on top of a black man who was asking what the white man was doing.

"At this time, there is no connection of any crime involving (the) suspect here in Baltimore", T.J. Smith of the Baltimore Police Department said, adding that the BPD are keeping watch outside Jackson's home and expecting an NYPD investigation in town. It's unclear if he has an attorney who can comment on the case.

Aubry said that Jackson did not attack anyone else. He traveled to NY on March 17 and had been staying in a Manhattan hotel. The 18-inch blade reportedly went through his chest and exited his back before pinging against the sidewalk.

Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi said he traveled from his home in Baltimore to NY last week to kill black men and "make a statement".

Neighbors who knew Caughman called him "Big Tim" and "The Can Man".

"The reason he picked NY is because it's the media capital of the world and he wanted to make a statement", Mr Aubry said. It is American carnage, and, no one should hesitate to say, terrorism: violence against civilians motivated by twisted political ideology. Aubry said that Jackson did not attack anyone else. Police said he carried out the attack in a way that meant to draw attention.

  • Leroy Wright