30-pound turkey crashes through windshield in Indiana

The La Porte County Sheriff's Office says the Taraboczhia family was traveling down the highway when a wild turkey flew in front of their rental vehicle. The tom turkey broke through the glass and became lodged in the center of the windshield.

There were no injuries, but had the estimated 25-pound male bird gone completely through the glass, there could have been a much different outcome, police said. The turkey was killed on impact.

'I thought he'd go over the roof of the auto instead he went right over the windshield'.

Kellems said the driver of a passing vehicle stopped and asked to take the bird home with him, which he did.

They were USA 20 when their GMC Yukon hit the turkey, which was flying across the roadway, authorities said.

Staten Islanders, especially those in Ocean Breeze, Dongan Hills, and South Beach, often encounter wild turkeys.

While vehicle versus deer crashes are common place, it is very rare to see a vehicle strike a turkey.

The family said they'd be eating ham for Thanksgiving this year, and a passerby was given permission to keep and eat the turkey, WBBM reported. There have been other similar incidents elsewhere, CBS New York reports.

Just yesterday, a wild turkey smashed through a library window in Monroeville, Penn.

  • Larry Hoffman