15-year-old girl allegedly gang raped on Facebook live

Police have questioned several people but haven't named any formal suspects or made any arrests in the attack, which involved five or six men or boys, said department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

The mother told The Associated Press on Wednesday her daughter was scared to return home and the family is being harassed by neighborhood kids. "He was also very dismayed when he learned that there were people (who) were watching the incident live and no one called police", Giancamilli said.

Johnson became personally involved in the case after the girl's mother approached him Monday with graphic photos taken from a Facebook Live video, showing several young men assaulting the teen, according to U.S. media.

Johnson immediately ordered an investigation and the department contacted Facebook to take down the video, which it did, Guglielmi said.

City councilor Michael Scott Jr said investigators believe the girl knew the attackers and that they were all minors.

The social networking site declined to comment specifically on the incident, but said in a statement the company took seriously its "responsibility to keep people safe on Facebook".

As Live grows in popularity along with the potential for harmful uses of the tool, police say it is important for users to know what to do if you see a crime or other unsafe activity on Facebook Live.

Authorities said Wednesday they were investigating the incident as a criminal sexual assault, and told AFP that no suspects were in custody.

"Crimes like this are ugly and we do not allow that kind of content on Facebook", it said.

King blamed the assault on a group of "thugs", more than 35 teenagers, who have tormented local residents by carrying out violent crimes.

The company has teams that work "around the clock to review content that is being reported by users", the spokesman noted.

"While the content on Live might not be great yet, and there's been some troubling broadcasts of violence that Facebook promises it's working to prevent, it's still early for the medium", the report added.

In January, four teens were arrested in connection to a torture video. But what has often surfaced is jarring and sometimes graphic content.

Police in the the U.S. state of Chicago are investigating the sexual assault of a teenage girl that was broadcast on Facebook Live. It was not clear if the video was still visible on the social media platform. According to its policy, Facebook does not allow self-injury or suicide.

  • Larry Hoffman